Protect: physical markings for maximum security

Maximum protection for original products: our security technologies are the only ones of their kind and are based on extremely high-resolution laser marking processes that generate various overt and covert security features. So your product is given a secure and unique identity.

Our tesa PrioSpot® and tesa VeoMark® security labels

Every single one of our security labels contains a unique code, giving each of your products a counterfeit-proof identity. This is because our security labels are produced exclusively in our production facility in Germany, using a laser lithography process developed in-house by tesa scribos®. This labelling technology is not available on the market and can only be used by tesa scribos®. Based on your requirements, security features are integrated in your security labels some are visible to the naked eye and others can be read using tools such as smartphones, magnifying glasses and reading devices. Every target group – from brand experts and customs officials to retailers and consumers – can check the authenticity of your product easily.

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The design of our security labels can be adapted and affixed flexibly to the product, the packaging or an existing label.

Our tesa PrioSpot® security labels offer maximum protection against counterfeiting, with up to seven verification levels integrated in each individual label. Our tesa VeoMark® security labels provide advanced protection against counterfeiting. Each label contains up to four verification levels. The size of the tesa VeoMark® identification mark is fixed, but the design of both our security labels can be adapted and applied either directly to the packaging or to an existing label as a label-on-label solution. All our marking technologies are connected to our digital platform, tesa 360®. Your products are therefore linked to the digital world, giving you the new benefits of digitalization – in terms of counterfeit protection, market transparency and customer engagement.

Want reliable protection for your products? Let's work together to to find a tailor-made solution to meet your needs.

We are happy to answer all your questions about product protection. Get in touch: +49 6221 33507 17, yourproductstalk@tesa-scribos.com

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