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Digital Security for Mass Market Products

Digital proof of authenticity for mass-produced items based on printing technology: Our cost-effective security tag gives your products a unique, customizable identity. This can be verified by every target group, quickly and fully automatically using a smartphone.

tesa ValiGate®: Automatic originality check via smartphone

With our tesa ValiGate® security label, original products are given a distinct identity because each security pattern is unique. The tesa ValiGate® security tag can be checked by every target group – from experts and customs officials to retailers and consumers. The tesa ValiGate® technology is based on software analysis, which means that all you need to verify the authenticity of a product is a smartphone. Users automatically receive feedback telling them whether or not the security label is genuine. Simply scan the QR code using your smartphone camera, a conventional QR scanner or the customised tesa ValiGate® app.

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The tesa ValiGate® design can be customized, for example as a brand logo or QR Code

Our self-developed, double encryption algorithm reliably protects the tesa ValiGate®security tags from counterfeiting attempts. The design of the security label can also be customized and can easily be integrated – even hidden – in the existing packaging design. The cost-effective tesa ValiGate® technology is used in particular for mass-produced items.

The tesa ValiGate® technology is also available as direct print which is printed directly onto the product packaging.

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You want a reliable counterfeit protection for your mass market products?

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