Licensed Products

From accurate billing of your licence fees to secure product identities: with our full-service solution for licensors, you can manage your licences centrally and protect your brand effectively.

The challenge

Checking volumes and licence fees
Licensors face a variety of challenges. How can you create transparency, with regard not only to the production of the products by licensees but also to the route they take to the customer? How can licence fees be reliably checked around the world to ensure they are correct? And how can counterfeit products be eliminated from the market?

Our solution

Transparency in your network of licensees
We use smart product markings to make a licensed product’s journey transparent – starting with production by the licensee and covering the distribution channels used, right up until it reaches the customer. Setting quotas for security markings is extremely simple: With our custom online ordering platform, as licensor you can approve specific quantities for each licensee, giving you easy control over how much is actually produced. The product markings on packaging or products are unique to each individual item and are linked to our digital platform, tesa® 360. Each time a product is checked, the details are stored on the platform together with geodata, generating valuable market data. Licensors can take direct action to combat illegal activities such as counterfeiting and other unauthorised products, at the same time obtaining feedback about customer behaviour.

Your benefits

Everything in one place
With our digital full-service management platform, as the licensor you reap a number of benefits: you generate important market data to help with making specific decisions and you protect vital information to effectively prevent counterfeiting. If required, we will take responsibility for charging and processing your licence fees. So you save valuable time and resources whilst at the same time increasing your revenue.

Want to find out more about this and other solutions?

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