Guided authentication and customer interaction

tesa® connect & check

With tesa® connect & check, users can check products online and interact with brand owners.
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tesa® connect & check: verify the authenticity of products online
tesa® connect & check: verify the authenticity of products online search
Check original products online
tesa® connect & check is an online platform which, in combination with the tesa PrioSpot® or tesa VeoMark® physical security labels, enables verification of original products with online support. Various target groups, from consumers to experts, can use the technology to find out information about security identification online and check products. During online authentication, the user is guided though a simple, intuitive verification process. The tool can also be combined with the tesa® SecuritySealing labels and tapes for sealing packaging. Investigators and customs officials have separate access providing detailed information about the covert features of the tesa scribos® security labels and how to check these. tesa scribos® is a partner of the World Customs Organization (WCO) ; tesa® connect & check is therefore connected to the "IPM Connected" online database of the WCO and part of a worldwide information network for customs officials and brand owners.

tesa® connect & check combines the logical security of printed codes with physical security features and mobile web applications for maximum protection against counterfeits, grey market trade and theft.
tesa® connect & check: online product authentication
tesa® connect & check: online product authentication search
Easy and flexible usage
tesa® connect & check can easily be integrated in existing structures.

  • tesa® connect & check can be called up simply by scanning the QR or Matrix code on the label or adhesive tape. The platform can also be accessed directly via a web browser without scanning.
  • The online tool can be used with the tesa PrioSpot® and tesa® VeoMark® security labels for brand protection and with the tesa® HighPerSealFX sealing products for theft protection.
  • The online tool is easy to integrate into websites and apps, works on all hardware and software platforms and its design can be customized.
  • The database system is certified for data security to ISO 27001 and is therefore secure.
  • All security technologies combined with tesa® connect & check can be used for product tracing with track & trace.

The flexibility of the online tool tesa® connect & check guarantees easy implementation and usage.
Guided online verification of the sealing label with tesa® connect & check
Guided online verification of the sealing label with tesa® connect & check search
Online authentication with market intelligence
tesa® connect & check combines reliable verification with generation of market data.

  • The authentication is as easy as the ABC.
A) Scan the QR code or enter the product ID on the website
B) Compare the security feature or seal with the animation/illustration shown online
C) Confirm authenticity and/or intactness or report suspicious products

  • The brand owner receives valuable market data: Which product was bought and checked where and when? Where do suspicious products crop up?

The tesa® connect & check system combines manipulation and counterfeit protection with mobile web applications to provide product and brand protection with maximum coverage and valuable market intelligence. The data gathered allows effective combating of counterfeit products and grey market trading.
Security label tesa® VeoMark M linked to tesa® connect & check
Security label tesa® VeoMark M linked to tesa® connect & check search
Interaction with different user groups
As well as online product verification, tesa® connect & check also offers a wide range of options for interacting with users.

  • tesa® connect & check allows customer interaction, for example in the form of lucky draws or bonus programmes, which reinforce customer loyalty to the brand.
  • The tesa® dtect app is another available tool. This is used primarily by investigators and provides detailed statistics and geodata. It can be seamlessly integrated into existing apps.
  • The tesa scribos® communication concepts inform target groups about the online tool, which increases usage and generates representative market data.

Brand owners can use the tesa® connect & check online platform to communicate with their customers, thus intelligently combining customer interaction with counterfeit protection.

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