Effective prevention of brand piracy and theft

Innovative security technologies

tesa scribos® offers an extensive portfolio of proprietary, patent-protected security technologies and efficient security concepts which ensure highly counterfeit-proof identification and tamper-proof packaging for brand products. These globally unique solutions are offered solely by tesa scribos®, produced in Germany and manufactured exclusively for brand owners.
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Security technologies

Brand protection and online verification with tesa® connect & check

tesa® connect & check

Brand protection and customer loyalty through online verification.
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tesa PrioSpot®
Unsurpassed brand protection with the highest level of security.
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tesa Holospot®
Proven counterfeit protection for brand products.
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tesa VeoMark®
Efficient counterfeit protection for brand products.
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tesa® SecurityPrint
Print-based product protection with a flexible design.
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tesa® SecuritySealing
Detect tampering and theft at a glance.
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Security technologies

Combine technologies for counterfeit protection, grey market protection, warranty fraud protection and theft prevention


Combinations of technologies for optimum product protection.
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