Forcing counterfeit products out of the market

Counterfeit protection

tesa scribos® offers market-leading security technologies that reliably protect original products against counterfeiters.
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tesa® PrioSpot - item-unique markings for original products
tesa® PrioSpot - item-unique markings for original products search
The number of counterfeit products is growing rapidly
Statistics from the last few years show a clear increase in the number of counterfeit products, affecting almost every industry. The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) estimates that the total global economic value of counterfeit goods was USD 1.77 trillion in 2015 alone. In 2008 this value was just USD 650 billion – an alarming increase.

Counterfeiters make big profits from trading in counterfeit products, at the expense of brand owners and consumers. The counterfeits, illegally marked with the brand name, are sold to frequently unwitting customers. As well as financial losses for the manufacturer, this also causes safety risks for end customers, because the imitations do not meet the usual quality standards.

To stop this development and to protect consumers as well as brand owners, reliable security solutions need to be implemented.
tesa VeoMark® L item-specific product markings
tesa VeoMark® L item-specific product markings search
Reliable solutions for counterfeit protection
To protect products against counterfeiters, the security solutions must offer sufficient protection against imitation:

  • Item-specific product markings such as the tesa® PrioSpot and tesa® VeoMark counterfeit protection labels enable to distinguish originals and counterfeit products at a glance.
  • These markings must be impossible to imitate. tesa scribos® offers self-developed security technologies which cannot be reproduced using neither printing techniques nor holographic technology.
  • The security technology must be accessible only to the brand owner and not freely available on the market: tesa scribos® security technologies meet this requirement.

With decades of experience, tesa scribos® is the reliable partner for customer-specific counterfeit protection solutions.
Authenticate products online with tesa® connect & check
Authenticate products online with tesa® connect & check search
Targeted communication of protection measures
Informing selected target groups about the brand protection concept is essential to its success.

  • tesa scribos® offers easy-to-implement communication models which provide comprehensive information to selected target groups such as experts, customs officials, dealers and end consumers.
  • The security features need to allow easy and reliable verification by different target groups. The tesa scribos® technologies feature an impressive range of different verification levels.
  • Via the link to the tesa® connect & check digital verification platform, users can check the authenticity of their product online at any time and interact with brand owners.

With market-leading security technologies and proven communication concepts, tesa scribos® sets up an insurmountable hurdle for counterfeiters.

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