tesa scribos® – innovative solutions for product and brand protection

We make the difference

tesa scribos® offers reliable brand protection for more than 15 years:

  • Successful concepts against counterfeits, grey market trade and theft
  • Secure track & trace systems
  • Individual solutions for all industries and products
  • Global coverage through tesa SE network inside Beiersdorf Group

As a tesa company and part of Beiersdorf AG, tesa scribos® has over 100 years of experience of brand management.
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Security technologies

Brand protection and online verification with tesa® connect & check

tesa® connect & check

Brand protection and customer loyalty through online verification.
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Security technologies

Unbeatable product protection and brand protection for different industries with tesa PrioSpot®

tesa PrioSpot®

tesa® PrioSpot protects high-quality original products against counterfeiting and trading on the grey market.
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Security technologies

Efficient counterfeit protection for original products with tesa VeoMark®

tesa VeoMark®

The item-unique labels offer effective protection against counterfeiting and are remarkably cost-efficient.
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Security technologies

tesa® SecuritySealing adhesive security tapes and security labels protect against tampering and theft

tesa® SecuritySealing

Adhesive security tapes and security labels for protection against tampering and theft.
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Security technologies

Combine technologies for counterfeit protection, grey market protection, warranty fraud protection and theft prevention


Combinations of technologies for optimum product protection.
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