Efficient counterfeit protection for brand products

Efficient counterfeit protection for brand products

tesa VeoMark® item-specific coded security labels protect original products against counterfeiting and grey market trading.

Brand and product protection with tesa VeoMark®

tesa scribos® uses an self developed patented inscription process

tesa VeoMark® security technology provides clearly detectable proof of authenticity, which allows counterfeit-proof identification of brand products. With tesa VeoMark® M and tesa VeoMark® L security labels, each individual product has its own unique verification markings. Each product therefore has an individual identity which shows it to be original – as unmistakeable as a fingerprint – but which can be checked without special tools. This reliably distinguishes brand products from imitations and effectively protects against counterfeits. The individual product identity also allows tracing to prevent grey market trading.

The tesa VeoMark® technology is a proprietary, patented development by tesa scribos®. The individual security features are inscribed into the labels – on up to four different verification levels simultaneously – using a lithographic inscribing process developed by the company's own researchers. This high-resolution process is unique worldwide and only usable by tesa scribos®.

The patented tesa VeoMark® technology cannot be reproduced, using either printing techniques or holographic technology, and offers reliable protection against counterfeiting and grey market trading.

tesa VeoMark® L with QR code – cost-efficient brand protection with Internet link

tesa VeoMark® L item-specific product markings

tesa VeoMark® L with QR code offers item-specific proof of authenticity with an easy-scan web link.

  • As well as product-specific security features, the tesa VeoMark® L label also includes customer-specific elements such as the company logo.
  • tesa VeoMark® L includes security features which can be checked at a glance with the naked eye, for example by end consumers.
  • Other features are covert and can only be verified by distributors, customs officials or experts with a magnifying glass or special reading devices.
  • The security features are seamlessly integrated into the label using a hot stamping process.
  • tesa scribos® is a fully owned subsidiary of tesa SE and develops optimum adhesives and substrate materials for all products.
  • tesa VeoMark® L can be easily and smoothly integrated into existing production and distribution processes.
  • The item-specific tesa VeoMark® L product marking allows secure track & trace for reliable product tracing.

tesa VeoMark® L with QR code protects brand products by providing counterfeit-proof, customer-specific proof of authenticity, which can be explained and checked both online and offline.

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tesa VeoMark® L – product protection and customer interaction

tesa VeoMark® L linked to the online authentication platform tesa® connect & check

The customizable tesa VeoMark® L security label offers counterfeit protection and diverse options for reinforcing customer loyalty.

  • The colour and design of the tesa VeoMark® L can be highly customized and optimally integrated into the existing product design.
  • The large optical area of the anti-counterfeit label is particularly attractive for consumers and boosts the number of product verifications.
  • An item-specific QR or Matrix code can also be integrated.
  • By connecting to the tesa® connect & check online verification platform users can check the authenticity of their product.
  • As well as authentication, brand owners can also interact with customers using the online tool, for example with lucky draws and loyalty programmes.

tesa VeoMark® L combines reliable counterfeit protection with intelligent options for customer interaction.

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tesa VeoMark® M – cost-efficient counterfeit protection

tesa VeoMark® M – customized product marking as proof of authenticity

tesa VeoMark® M security technology ensures secure counterfeit protection and product tracing. 

  • Each tesa VeoMark® M label has item-specific security features and integrates customer-specific elements such as the brand logo.
  • Some security features can be checked with the naked eye and are therefore particularly suitable for end consumers.
  • Others are designed for dealers, customs officials and experts and can only be read with a magnifying glass or special reading device.
  • The size and design of the tesa VeoMark® M security label are versatile and can be customized to meet individual needs.
  • As a fully owned subsidiary of the adhesive expert tesa SE, tesa scribos® offers security solutions with the optimum adhesive properties to suit any product.

tesa VeoMark® M securely protects original products against counterfeiting and grey market trading.

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tesa VeoMark® M – easy to integrate and combine

tesa VeoMark® M – individuell angepasstes Design

Offering easy integration into the brand owner's existing processes, tesa VeoMark® M can be combined in a wide range of ways. 

  • tesa VeoMark® M can be applied either directly to the product or as a label-on-label solution.
  • This security feature is suitable for combination with industry-specific identification standards such as the GS1 standard (e.g. MAPP code).
  • tesa VeoMark® M can be combined with item-specific QR or Matrix codes and used for secure track & trace.
  • Users can verify their product online with a smartphone or PC using the tesa® connect & check online verification platform.
  • For brand owners, there is the option of customer interaction, e.g. with lucky draws or loyalty programmes.
  • tesa scribos® offers communication models which are easy to implement for different target groups, to ensure maximum effectiveness of the security solution.

tesa VeoMark® M offers counterfeit protection for original products and allows combination with other product protection tools such as the tesa® connect & check online verification platform or the tesa® trust & trace track & trace system.

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