Automatic authentication via smartphone for original products

Automatic authentication via smartphone for original products

tesa ValiGate® provides automatic real-time verification of original products via smartphone. This cost-efficient solution is the perfect fit for high-volume products.

Automatic mobile validation of originality

The design of the tesa ValiGate® security marking is customisable and yet highly secure.

tesa ValiGate® is a revolutionary tesa scribos® development for providing digital evidence. Every tesa ValiGate® pattern exists only once gives each individual item its own identity. Consequently, originals can easily be distinguished from counterfeits and brand owners protect their revenue.

The tesa ValiGate® feature can be checked by all target groups – from experts through distributors to consumers. The user only needs a smartphone to check the originality of a product, as the tesa ValiGate® technology works via software analysis. The user receives instant automatic feedback on whether the product is original or not, simply by scanning the QR code with an ordinary QR code reader or the customised tesa ValiGate® app.

The tesa ValiGate® design is highly flexible. It can be configured to look like the brand’s logo, a QR code or any other form desired by the brand owner. Yet the security marking is protected from copying and other reproduction attempts by a double encryption process of a military grade security level. The decryption software was developed in-house by tesa scribos® research experts and can only be deployed directly by them. 

tesa ValiGate® is a cost-efficient security solution suitable for high-volume products and therefore for mass market companies in sectors such as the food industry, cosmetics, wine and spirits, low-cost consumer electronics, automotive, and many more. With tesa ValiGate®, brand owners gain market transparency (Track & Trace), fight counterfeiting and stop grey market trading – at the same time, they gather market data and stay in touch with consumers.

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Reliable protection for high-volume products

The highly secure tesa ValiGate® analysis software has been developed by tesa scribos® research experts.

tesa ValiGate® is the reliable solution, enabling brand owners to identify illegal activities and to take proactive measures

  • Each tesa ValiGate® marking is a unique combination of two unique patterns that can be hidden in different structures, such as a QR code, matrix code or in specified printed areas. 
  • Each marking exists only once and is stored in a highly secure database.
  • The tesa ValiGate® solution is not readable with the naked eye, a magnifying glass, nor any other optical device.
  • The technology can only be read by the tesa scribos® self-invented, patented software analysis, which prevents reverse engineering.
  • tesa ValiGate® is a patented tesa scribos technology for checking the originality of a product via software analysis.
  • Thus, users can scan the tesa ValiGate® QR code easily with any standard 2D code reader as well as with our mobile consumer and B2B app.
  • Implementing tesa ValiGate® is easy and the software is suitable for all printing / marking methods and materials.
  • tesa scribos® supports brand owners in educating the selected target groups on how to use tesa ValiGate® to maximise the solution’s power.

tesa ValiGate® provides digital evidence for original products through smartphone-based verification. It enables end-consumers and experts to authenticate their product with only one click. The originality check is 100% automatic, which ensures an accurate check result, leaving no room for “human error”.


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tesa ValiGate® – connect your products to the world

With tesa ValiGate® brand owners benefit from valuable market insights.

The all-in-one solution offers brand protection, market transparency, market intelligence data (Big Data) and consumer interaction.

  • The tesa ValiGate® marking gives original products a unique, secure product identity.
  • Our Market Intelligence platform, running in the background, collects and analyses market data (time and location of originality checks, reports, individualised alerts etc.).
  • This highly interactive solution connects brand owners with their chosen target group, e.g. brand experts, customs officials, distributors and end-consumers.
  • Thanks to the flexibility of tesa ValiGate®, brand owners can decide how and with whom they want to communicate: for experts only (as a hidden marking) or covered as a marketing activity (e.g. combined with a lucky draw).
  • Through users, brand owners can keep their “eye on the market” through CRM incentives (e.g. bonus programmes and vouchers) and collect meaningful, real-life data.
  • The design and size of tesa ValiGate® is extremely flexible and can be configured to whatever form desired, making it adaptable to any corporate identity requirements.
  • tesa ValiGate® gives instant feedback when the marking is scanned with an ordinary QR code reader or the customised B2B-expert and/or B2C-consumer app.
  • This solution provides special features for experts which optimise their daily work, e.g. multiple scans and online/offline scans.
  •  Each scan made by consumers and experts generates immediate data, which is visualised on the expert’s online portal, so action can be taken by the brand owner to protect their business. 


tesa ValiGate® connects original products to the digital world. Brand owners benefit from brand protection, customer interaction, market intelligence data (Big Data) and market transparency (Track & Trace). We enable companies to locate and shut down counterfeit hotspots, thus achieving immediate supply chain visibility, preventing grey market trading and gaining market insights into e.g. consumer behaviour.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to answer all your questions.


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