Product tracing in production and logistics

Product tracing in production and logistics

tesa® trust & trace combines counterfeit-proof product coding with secure track & trace throughout the complete logistics chain.

Secure product tracing with tesa® trust & trace

tesa® trust & trace – secure track & trace and grey market protection

Conventional product identification systems which are used for track & trace can be easily copied and removed by grey market traders. This makes it impossible to trace products reliably. The logical security of the printed track & trace codes is not usable as evidence in a court of law and must be supplemented by physical evidence that cannot be forged, such as tesa PrioSpot® or tesa VeoMark® security labels.

Providing the market with comprehensive information makes it impossible to sell unauthorised products without item-specific proof of authenticity. This forces counterfeits and grey market goods out of the market.

By combining the logical security of printed codes with tesa scribos® physical security features, insecure track & trace is transformed into the reliable tesa® trust & trace system. This effectively combats counterfeit products and grey market trading.

Conclusive evidence for the logistics chain

tesa PrioSpot® - physically securing the printed MAPP code

The tesa® trust & trace system combines physically secured product identification with leading-edge track & trace systems.

  • Printed product IDs are physically secured with counterfeit-proof item-specific tesa PrioSpot® or tesa VeoMark® security labels.
  • This uniquely defines the identity of original products so that it can be proved.
  • Targeted market communication ensures that end customers will only accept products with this type of proof of authenticity. Grey market trading can no longer be disguised by removing the markings.
  • The tesa® trust & trace system can be seamlessly integrated into existing distribution processes and identification systems such as the GS1 standard  (e.g. MAPP code).
  • tesa® trust & trace labels can include standard marks such as QR, Matrix or bar codes and NFC/RFID technology.
  • The security of the tesa scribos® database is certified to ISO 27001, which means that details such as item and batch numbers can be securely saved.
  • The tesa scribos® labels and tapes securely protect products against unauthorised access and theft within the logistics chain.

By linking counterfeit-proof product marking and detailed product tracing, the tesa® trust & trace system creates a transparent logistics chain, which allows extensive process optimization and effective grey market protection.

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Using market intelligence to combat counterfeit products and grey market trading

tesa® connect & check - checking the integrity of the sealing label online

Combining the tesa® trust & trace system with tesa® connect & check technology allows detailed market data to be generated.

  • The link to the tesa® connect & check online verification platform enables detailed data to be gathered on the individual products in the logistics chain.
  • Logistics data from the brand owner can be added in the online tool, which provides the various user groups in the verification process with further details.
  • The special grey market module of the online platform automatically raises the alarm as soon as products are checked outside their destined region.
  • To keep all the relevant target groups informed via the tesa® trust & trace system, tesa scribos® offers communication concepts that are easy to use.

Data gathered from the system can be used to optimize distribution processes, precisely pinpoint security vulnerabilities and combat grey market trading.

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