Prevent manipulation and theft

Prevent manipulation and theft

tesa® SecuritySealing: The security tapes and sealing labels protect the logistics chain from tampering, theft and the resulting costs.

Reduction in cost of complaints thanks to tesa® SecuritySealing

tesa® SecuritySealing products protect against manipulation and theft

tesa® SecuritySealing adhesive security tapes and sealing labels provide tamper-proof sealing of product and transport packaging within the logistics chain. Any attempt to access the sealed goods is shown by an irreversible optical effect. This proof of first opening, called VOID effect, is easy to identify at any point in the logistics chain. It has a deterrent effect, which prevents theft and tampering.

This prevents financial losses for manufacturers, reduces complaints and increases customer satisfaction. In combination with the tesa® connect & check online verification platform the security labels and adhesive security tapes provide detailed market data, which can be used for secure track & trace – resulting in a secure and transparent logistics chain. This is particularly important for the pharmaceutical industry, which needs to comply with legal requirements.

The tesa scribos® research team develops market-leading sealing solutions, which can be customized to individual requirements. They have a diverse range of applications, including transport packaging, sales packaging, pallets, roll cages and pallet cages. tesa® SecuritySealing products can be applied either manually with a dispenser or by machines in a fully automated process.

The patented tesa® SecuritySealing solutions offer maximum protection against manipulation. With their market-leading features, tesa® SecuritySealing products offer secure protection against tampering, theft and exchange of products, thereby reducing costs arising from complaints.

tesa® HighPerSealFX security tapes

Irreversible indication of tampering and first opening

The security tapes from tesa scribos® seal cardboard boxes and irreversibly indicate if tampering has occurred.

  • The tesa® HighPerSealFX adhesive tape leaves behind an optical effect, known as VOID effect, if the packaging is opened or tampered with.
  • On-top printing and void effect of the tesa scribos® adhesive tape can be customized to specific requirements (design, logo integration).
  • The PowerStripe effect (VOID-free stripes on the edge and in the middle of the tape) makes the tape extremely robust for mechanical application and transport.
  • The PowerStripe effect also prevents residue on the products in the box and inadvertent triggering of the effect during transport.
  • Adhesive applied across the whole surface guarantees maximum adhesion.
  • As a fully owned subsidiary of the adhesive specialist tesa SE tesa scribos® offers solutions with optimum adhesion for all standard box types.
  • The patented product design of the security tapes prevents reproduction and guarantees exclusive availability of the sealing solution for the brand owner.

The tesa® HighPerSealFX Tapes protect outer packaging and cardboard boxes within the logistics chain from unauthorised access, and irreversibly indicate tampering at first glance.


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Security tapes with special features

Checking of the VOID effect with a simple UV light

The tesa® HighPerSealFX security tapes offer unique functions and can be combined in various ways to ensure maximum theft protection.

  • The covert VOID effect is visible under a UV light. This "VOID preview" allows the original seal to be checked while it is still unopened.
  • The tesa® HighPerSealFX tapes can be linked to the tesa® connect & check online verification platform by means of the integrated QR codes.
  • Users are informed online about the seal verification and can report any seals that have been tampered with.
  • The brand owner receives detailed market data that can be used for targeted combating of theft and grey market trading.
  • With the tesa scribos® communication concepts, all user groups receive information to ensure maximum effectiveness of the security concept.


The seal with the tesa® HighPerSealFX tapes can be checked continuously by different user groups within the logistics chain. This has a deterrent effect for maximum theft protection.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to provide you with further information.


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tesa® HighPerSealFX sealing labels

Secure sealing of medication packaging through tesa® HighPerSealFX Etiketten

The tailor-made, customized security labels from tesa scribos® secure product packaging against unauthorised access.

  • The tesa® HighPerSealFX sealing labels leave clear, irreversible proof of first opening (VOID effect) in the event of tampering.
  • Used in combination with the tesa scribos® communication concepts, this provides a strong deterrent which effectively prevents unauthorised access.
  • The design allows a high degree of customization with fine guilloche, colours, customer logos or symbols on the label and within the VOID effect.
  • As a semi-transparent label, the seal can be seamlessly integrated into the packaging design. The VOID effect is clearly visible, and the legally required information also remains visible on the packaging (e.g. on medicines).
  • The first opening of securely sealed goods increases customer satisfaction (first opening experience).
  • Through its parent company, the adhesive expert tesa SE, tesa scribos® customizes products to adhere optimally to any surface.
  • The patented technology ensures that the customized tesa® SecuritySealing solutions are available exclusively from tesa scribos® and only for brand owners. Unauthorised third parties have no access.

tesa® HighPerSealFX security labels offer secure sealing of all product packaging in a personalized design, thus ensuring maximum resistance to manipulation.

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Product tracing and user interaction with tesa® HighPerSealFX labels

Guided online authentication of the sealing label with tesa® connect & check

The security labels from tesa scribos® can be produced on an item-specific basis and can therefore be used for track & trace and targeted interaction with users.

  • Rather than a simple wallpaper design, the tesa® HighPerSealFX labels incorporate a customer-specific void effect adapted to the label size.
  • This allows integration of item-specific QR or Matrix codes which are used for online verification of the label on the tesa® connect & check platform.
  • Users can report labels that have been tampered with, which gives brand owners important data to combat theft and grey market trading.
  • With their item-specific markings, the security labels are "track & trace ready" for tracing with the tesa® trust & trace system nachverfolgt werden.
  • The preview feature allows the void effect within the closed seal to be made visible and checked using UV light before the package is opened.

As well as secure sealing, the tesa® HighPerSealFX labels allow secure product tracing, gathering of market data and interaction with users. This effectively combats theft and grey market trading.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch! We will be happy to help.

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Special seals for all types of packaging

Maximum performance on shrink and stretch film

tesa scribos® has developed its own seals for a wide range of different types of packaging.

  • The tesa® HighPerSealFX security tapes adhere optimally to shrink and stretch films and are particularly suitable for securing pallets.
  • The tesa scribos® security tape can be printed on a customized basis and is easy to apply.
  • The tesa® SecuritySealing tag anti-tamper seal reliably secures pallet cages and roll cages.
  • The design of the anti-tamper seal is flexible. The customer logo, bar codes or serial numbers can be incorporated in each seal.
  • The tesa scribos® seal can be removed without leaving any residue.
  • In the case of opening or tampering, the tesa scribos® seals leave behind permanent proof of first opening (VOID effect).


tesa® SecuritySealing seals are superbly resistant to manipulation. They reliably protect pallets, pallet cages and roll cages within the logistics chain against tampering and theft.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch! We will be happy to help.

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