Market-leading protection for original products

Market-leading protection for original products

tesa PrioSpot® security technology offers maximum protection against counterfeiting and grey market trading.

Protecting brand products with tesa PrioSpot®

tesa scribos® uses an self developed patented inscription process

tesa PrioSpot® provides anti-counterfeit identification for maximum product and brand protection. It is a proprietary development by tesa scribos® and incorporates various overt and covert security features. This means that some of these features can be seen with the naked eye, while others are only visible using tools such as a magnifying glass or special reading devices.

The tesa scribos® research team has developed high-resolution, globally unique inscribing processes which are used to produce the various security technologies. For tesa PrioSpot® technology, this lithographic process is used to inscribe the security label with various security features. In this inscribing process, the security labels can be inscribed on up to seven different verification levels at once, allowing optimum checking for every target group.

The patented inscribing process for tesa PrioSpot® security technology can only be produced by tesa scribos®. Reproduction using printing techniques or holographic technology is not possible, which ensures that original products are reliably protected against counterfeiting and grey market trading.

Maximum protection for brand products

The tesa PrioSpot® security label gives every product a unique identity

The counterfeit-proof tesa PrioSpot® label offers maximum protection for brand owners and their products.

  • The individually coded tesa PrioSpot® gives every product a unique identity, making it easy to distinguish between originals and counterfeits.
  • The tesa PrioSpot® security label is inscribed with diverse overt and covert features on different levels.
  • These features can be checked with the naked eye by consumers, or with a magnifyer or special reading device by customs officials, experts and dealers.
  • The security level of the tesa PrioSpot® label gets customized by selecting the security features to meet the customers' and target groups' needs.
  • The security solution is becoming established on the market through simple communication concepts from tesa scribos® for diverse target groups.
  • A patented proprietary development, tesa PrioSpot® technology, cannot be copied or reproduced with available market technologies.
  • As a fully owned subsidiary of the adhesive expert  tesa SE tesa scribos® adapts the substrate material and adhesive individually for every customer.

The market-leading tesa PrioSpot® security technology reliably protects brand products against counterfeiters and grey market traders. It prevents financial losses and strengthens customers' and dealers' trust in the brand.

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tesa PrioSpot® – product protection and customer loyalty

Online authentication with tesa® PrioSpot and tesa® connect & check

The tesa PrioSpot® security label can be flexibly enhanced with various tools and combined with identification standards.

  • The design and size of the label can be customized to the corporate identity, for instance by integrating the brand logo. Customization increases the security level.
  • The security technology can be seamlessly integrated into existing product labels and is therefore quick and cost-efficient to implement.
  • The link with the tesa® connect & check online verification platform allows online proof of authenticity, gathering of market data and customer interaction in the form of lucky draws and bonus programmes.
  • The combination of tesa PrioSpot® and the online verification platform allows product tracing across the whole supply chain, e.g. with track & trace.
  • tesa PrioSpot® can be flexibly combined with e.g. GS1 identification standards (such as MAPP-Code), QR codes, DataMatrix codes or NFC/RFID labels.


tesa PrioSpot® technology can be customized and flexibly combined, e.g. with existing identification standards or the tesa® connect & check digital verification platform.

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