Combined security concepts for reliable protection: Combined security solutions from tesa scribos® enable optimal protection for various types of products and markets.

Combined solutions for maximum product protection

Online authentication with tesa® PrioSpot and tesa® connect & check

tesa scribos® develops customized security concepts to reliably protect every product in every industry from counterfeits, grey market trade, theft und warranty fraud. In the case of specific security requirements, the optimal solution consists of a combination of various approaches. Every industry and product type imposes its own requirements, which tesa scribos® fulfils through specific solutions. 

The tesa scribos® security technologies can be combined with customary labelling standards, so for example, with the MAPP code in the automotive spare parts industry. tesa scribos® offers special security concepts that combine proof of authenticity and protection from refilling for the wine and spirits industry. Durable product labelling is required in the textile and clothing industry. tesa scribos® develops counterfeit-proof labels, that can be fixed on sew-in labels. Especially in the case of luxury articles a trademark protection set is often used consisting of the proof of authenticity applied directly onto the product and of a counterfeit-proof labelled guarantee card. The tesa scribos® security solutions can also be combined with the tesa® connect & check online verification platform and the secure tesa® trust & trace track and trace system.

Through flexibility and customized security concepts, tesa scribos® develops trustworthy solutions for product and brand protection for different products and markets.


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Safeguarding bottles against counterfeiting and refilling

tesa VeoMark® M Label-on-Label

Wine, whiskey, vodka, gin or cognac – bottles with high-grade content have to be protected from counterfeiting and refilling.

  • The individually customized security labels tesa VeoMark® and tesa PrioSpot® give every bottle a unique identity and demonstrate it to be genuine.
  • Fake and counterfeit products can be differentiated at a glance.
  • The security labels are fixed directly onto the bottle as a label-on-label solution or smoothly integrated into existing product labels.
  • Fixing of the security label onto the neck of the bottle serves as proof of authenticity and, at the same time, as a seal for protection against refilling.
  • The security labels can be combined with​ tesa® SecurityPrint labels, which are irreversibly destroyed through punchings, in the case of manipulation.
  • The tesa scribos® security labels can be flexibly combined with QR or matrix codes. Through this, they can be connected to the secure track & trace system and the tesa® connect & check online verification platform.

With years of experience in product protection for the wine and spirits industry, tesa scribos® develops customized security concepts for customized requirements.

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tesa PrioSpot® on card – brand protection in a set

Brand protection in a set for high-end products

Luxury articles impose their own demands on a security solution. The brand protection set with guarantee card by tesa scribos® was specially developed for this.

  • A high-grade guarantee card forms the basis for this security solution, whose design is adapted to the wishes of the customer.
  • A set of several tesa PrioSpot®security labels is found on each guarantee card, which designates the genuine products through item-unique markings.
  • One of the security labels is firmly fixed on the card, while the others are attached on the product to be protected and/or on the product packaging.
  • Through verification of the combination of several counterfeit-proof product labels, genuine articles are clearly differentiated from counterfeits.
  • The brand protection set can be connected to the tesa® connect & check online tool to verify products via smartphone or laptop.
  • Additionally, the online tool offers exclusive opportunities for customer interaction, for example through loyalty programmes and lucky draws.
  • The integration of bar codes such as matrix codes in the tesa scribos® labelling enables combination with the tesa® trust & trace track and trace system.

The tesa scribos® brand protection solution in a set labels high-grade branded products as genuine ones and clearly differentiates them from counterfeits. Luxury articles are securely protected from counterfeiting, grey market trade and warranty fraud.

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Product protection as a label-on-label solution

tesa PrioSpot® - physically securing the printed MAPP code

The tesa scribos® security solutions can be easily combined with customary labelling standards such as theMAPP code and existing labelling.

  • The per piece individual security labels tesa PrioSpot® and tesa VeoMark® designate quality products as genuine.
  • The labels can be easily integrated in existing product labels and can be smoothly combined with customary labelling standards.
  • The integration of bar codes and serial numbers in the label-on-label solution is just as possible as combination with NFC and RFID technologies.
  • QR and matrix codes can be integrated. Through the tesa® connect & check online verification platform users can verify products online.
  • The tesa scribos® security labels give products a unique identity, which makes it possible to trace a product via the tesa® trust & trace system.
  • The flexible tesa scribos® security solutions can be smoothly and cost-efficiently included in existing production and distribution processes.
  • Via the parent company the adhesive expert tesa SE, tesa scribos® develops optimally enduring solutions for customer-specific requirements.

The flexible and smooth integration of tesa scribos® security technologies in existing labelling standards and product labelling guarantees maximum security with minimal outlay.

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