Counterfeit protection for wine and spirits

Counterfeit protection for wine and spirits

Quality wines and spirits are being counterfeited more and more often and have to be preserved from plagiarisms and refilling.

Wines and spirits as a target for counterfeiters

High-quality products from the wines and spirits sector are in demand and sometimes achieve high sales prices. Counterfeiters get wind of high profit margins and flood the market with fake brand name spirits. Wines, gins, whiskies and cognacs are imitated as well as liqueurs, schnapps, beer and various types of vodka. Counterfeiters concentrate on counterfeits of well-known drinks brands by, on the one hand, imitating the bottle, label and packaging as true to the original as possible. On the other hand, they use original bottles in order to refill them with a cheap substitute and then sell them. This technique of refilling has become very widespread in the meanwhile and affects all types of brand name alcoholic drinks. The Asian market especially abounds with plagiarisms. It’s all the same to counterfeiters whether it’s products from international drink manufacturers or smaller French vineyards – they fake any type of alcoholic drink.


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A danger for producers and consumers

tesa VeoMark® L item-unique product identity

This business is very lucrative for counterfeiters. The manufacturers of qualitatively high-grade alcoholic drinks are the ones to suffer: they have to cope with the high financial losses through criminal activities. Consumers too are especially endangered through trade with counterfeit wines and spirits. The counterfeits generally contain low-grade liquors such as adulterated wine or whiskey thinned down with water. However, the bottles are also, to some degree, refilled with harmful liquids such as acids and through this there is a health hazard for consumers, which has to be taken seriously. If these inferior counterfeits are taken to be genuine products, it puts the quality manufacturers into a bad light, and customers lose confidence in the brand. So manufacturers have to become active in order to protect consumers and their own brand too. tesa scribos® draws on many years of experience in product and brand protection for wines and spirits.

Genuine wines and quality spirits can be distinguished from counterfeits at a glance with our solutions.



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Protection from counterfeits and refilling


A basic condition for the fight against product pirates is easy differentiation between the genuine product and the fake. With the tesa PrioSpot® or tesa VeoMark® security labels, each single bottle is labelled individually. Through the item-specific product labelling, counterfeits can immediately be recognized as such and are therefore optimally protected against counterfeits and imitations. 
In order to prevent the refilling of bottles, tesa scribos® offers an option in which the security label is attached to the bottle neck. In addition to the individual product labelling, the bottle is thereby sealed at the same time – and indeed in such a way that any attempt at tampering is immediately and irreversibly made visible. Genuine wines and quality spirits are thereby reliably protected against counterfeits and refilling.

If the tesa scribos® security labels are connected to the tesa® connect & check online verification platform, consumers, dealers and customs can also verify the authenticity of their product online. The brand manufacturer can call up this data and thereby effectively act against grey market trade.

tesa scribos® has years of experience in product and brand protection for wines and spirits. With our solutions, original wines and quality spirits can be distinguished a tone glance.

Click here for details on our tesa PrioSpot® and tesa VeoMark® security labels as well as our online verification platform tesa® connect & check.