Proof of authenticity for clothing and textiles: High-grade clothing and textiles require tamper-resistant proofs of authenticity for protection against counterfeits and the grey market trade.

Counterfeit brand fashion and functional clothing

Product pirates imitate high-grade functional clothing and textiles, in order to sell them at a profit to often clueless customers. The range of counterfeit products is nearly endless. Counterfeiters copy shoes, sneakers, t-shirts, jeans, jackets, coats, baseball caps and hats, among other things. Increasingly, sports articles and high-grade outdoor clothing are also being counterfeited. Ski and snowboard clothing, swimwear and climbing equipment as well as sportswear and jerseys for football, basketball, tennis and golf are being copied at the same. Customers often cannot differentiate the true-to-original counterfeits from fakes.


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Imitated brand name clothing harms customers and manufacturers

tesa VeoMark® M combined with a sew-in label for permanent product marking

Faked clothing is predominantly produced in Asia and is flooding the international markets from there. Customers and manufacturers suffer in equal measure. Quality-conscious consumers want to purchase high-grade fashion and functional clothing from established brands. Instead, they unknowingly get cheap counterfeits. The inferior quality leads to dissatisfaction on the part of customers and can occasionally be dangerous. So, for example, in the case of counterfeit climbing equipment – the cheap imitations neither correspond to the applicable quality standards nor to security specifications. 
The negative experience is directly linked to the copied brand so that the brand image suffers. Added costs through increasing numbers of unjustified guarantee cases are joined to the financial losses of the brand owner through lost market shares.

Protection from counterfeiting for quality clothing and functional textiles

tesa VeoMark® M - simple integration in existing product labels

The most important condition for the fight against counterfeits is differentiation without a doubt between the genuine article and the copy. The tesa PrioSpot® and tesa VeoMark® security labels designate brand clothes in an individually customized manner and thereby differentiate them from counterfeits. In order to measure up to the product to be protected, tesa scribos® proofs of authenticity are customized and adapted. The product labelling can be integrated in sew-in labels as well as attached to hangtags and guarantee cards. Fakes and grey market products do not exhibit any genuine item labelling and are therefore unsellable. Customers can be sure that they have purchased the genuine product, and the brand image of the quality manufacturer remains unharmed. This way, manufacturers protect themselves from sales losses and added costs through unjustified guarantee cases.

The sealing labels and tapes from tesa scribos® protect brand shoes and clothes, even within the logistics chain. Any tampering is irreversibly displayed through an optical effect (VOID effect) and thereby prevents replacement of products and theft.

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