Protection from counterfeiting for luxury goods

Protection from counterfeiting for luxury goods

Protecting luxury articles from counterfeiters: Valuable luxury articles and accessories require secure protection from counterfeiting and grey market trading. tesa scribos® offers individual security solutions.

Luxury brands are being targeted by counterfeiters

Luxury brands are imitated on a massive scale. Counterfeiters use photographs of genuine luxury handbags, brand name wallets and quality watches in web stores such as eBay or Alibaba to entice. In actual fact, the often unknowing customers receive cheap imitations. Criminal rings operate professionally in their trade with counterfeit luxury articles and achieve high profits. Counterfeits of nearly all high-end products prove lucrative: counterfeit brand handbags, leather shoes and leather belts, luxury watches, writing utensils, sunglasses and glasses frames can be found as well as faked luxury fashion, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, suitcases and travelling bags.


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Customers and brand manufacturers are affected

tesa PrioSpot® Markenschutzset - Produktschutz für hochwertige Produkte

The cheap imitations of the high-quality luxury products are very far removed from the prevailing quality standards and security specifications. The plagiarisms are manufactured from inferior materials, which often contain high concentrations of, to some extent, toxic chemicals and can therefore be hazardous to health. Counterfeit brand sunglasses can also harbour concrete health risks for consumers. Generally, the imitations do not offer sufficient UV protection so that permanent damages to the eye can result. In addition, there is the short life span of the cheap counterfeits. The customer suffers heavy disappointment if the costly and supposedly high quality luxury product already breaks after a short period of use. This dissatisfaction is immediately connected to the luxury brand: the brand image suffers long-term damage. In addition, there are direct financial losses for the brand owner, as market shares are lost, customers back out and more unjustified guarantee cases have to be processed.

In order to avoid these risks, efficient protection from counterfeiting is essential.


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Effective protection for high-end luxury goods

Product and brand protection set for luxury goods

Genuine luxury goods have to be recognizable as genuine at a glance. Conventional laser engraving technology or serial number printing is also available to counterfeiters and remains without effect. In contrast, through the individually customized security labels, tesa PrioSpot® and tesa VeoMark® each luxury article gets its own individual product identity that is protected from imitation by security features: genuine items and fakes are instantly distinguishable.

Products without these proofs of authenticity, in other words counterfeits and grey market goods, no longer find outlets and are eliminated from the market. Of course, in the case of products from the luxury industry, special attention is paid to design. The security solutions from tesa scribos® can be highly customized and seamlessly included in any number of designs. A combined solution offers itself for luxury goods, e.g. as a brand protection set with a guarantee card for each individual product. In order to interact with customers, the security solutions can be linked to the tesa® connect & check online platform. Users can easily find online advice on how to verify the authenticity of their product and, at the same time, participate in exclusive lucky draws or loyalty programmes.

To protect the luxury articles from unauthorized accessing within the logistics chain, tesa® SecuritySealing products are used. The sealing labels and tapes display an irreversible optical effect on opening or tampering, which has a deterrent effect and prevents theft.

The tesa scribos® security technologies protect brand manufacturers from losses in sales and added costs through unjustified guarantee cases. The company reputation is secured for the long term.

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