Transparency of the logistics chain

Transparency of the logistics chain

Controlling logistics processes and protecting goods during dispatch: Product tracing is not sufficient on its own. Within the logistics chain, goods also need to be protected against theft and illegal access.

New challenges for the supply chain 2.0

The logistics industry has changed massively over the last few years. With the globalisation of trade and the international boom in online shops, the logistics industry is facing new challenges. More goods than ever are imported and exported, logistics processes are becoming ever more complex, and many processes are also being outsourced. The products pass through many different staging posts on their dispatch route. After production, they are sent to the warehouse, then transported to the dealers and finally to the end customers. International networking of trade makes it difficult to control the whole supply chain and protect the products during dispatch.


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Unprotected logistics chains cause substantial damages

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Organised crime is increasing, and is focusing on theft and exchanging products within the logistics chain. With originals being systematically exchanged for lower-value counterfeit products, the number of unjustified warranty claims is increasing. All this leads to direct financial losses for companies – not to mention the damage to their image and the safety risk caused by the lower-quality counterfeits.

Combating these problems requires absolute transparency of the supply chain. Besides ensuring secure transport without unauthorised access to goods, the distribution of products needs to be reliably tracked on an individual item basis while distinguishing between originals and counterfeits and also rapidly identifying grey market goods.

Combining product protection with traceability

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To combat this issue, the logistics industry uses standard track & trace systems which, however, do not provide sufficient protection in themselves. It goes without saying that individual product identification and traceability of individual products are essential. The ideal solution is to combine these functions with reliable product protection. The tesa® trust & trace system satisfies the interests of both logistics and brand protection by offering item-specific counterfeit protection, which also allows cross-border traceability of products thanks to unique product identification. To prevent and fight theft, tesa scribos® also offers a wide selection of customizable sealing labels and adhesive security tapes, for securely sealing product packaging of all kinds.

In the event of unauthorised tampering or opening of packaging, the sealing products leave visible evidence of opening which cannot be removed, also known as a VOID effect. Unauthorised access within the logistics chain is then immediately visible, which effectively prevents theft and exchange of products. This enables companies to ensure that customers receive the original products they have ordered. It also prevents sales losses and the extra costs of unjustified warranty claims – as well as lasting protection of the company’s reputation.

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