Electrical and electronics industries

Electrical and electronics industries

Counterfeit protection for electronic components: Counterfeit-proof markings from tesa scribos® show the authenticity of electronic products and parts and prevent counterfeits.

Counterfeit electronics – a lucrative business for criminals

Electrical devices, parts and components are widely counterfeited and sold as originals to unwitting dealers and consumers. The trade in counterfeit electronic parts is now being run more and more professionally by criminal organisations, and almost any type of product is at risk. Almost all products are counterfeited, including transistors, heat pumps, valves, electronic control units, thermostats, piston pumps, temperature regulators, electronic chips, interrupters, power plugs and LED spotlights. And consumers and manufacturers are the ones who suffer.


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Only original products guarantee quality and safety

tesa VeoMark® M - counterfeit protection for electronics

Counterfeit electronic components pose an equal risk for both customers and manufacturers. For consumers there is a serious safety risk, because counterfeit products do not meet the usual quality standards and safety requirements. Counterfeit products also usually have a shorter lifespan, so counterfeit electronic parts need to be replaced more frequently. The added costs cause customer dissatisfaction linked to the imitated brand product. The manufacturer's reputation suffers lasting damage.

Counterfeit products, grey market trading and an increased incidence of warranty claims also cause considerable financial losses for the brand owner. To protect customers and manufacturers, high-quality original electrical products need to be clearly distinguishable from fakes.

Protecting customers and preventing sales losses

tesa PrioSpot® - item-unique product markings

tesa PrioSpot® or tesa VeoMark® item-specific security labels give each individual electronic product a unique identity, comparable with a fingerprint. This makes it possible to identify the authenticity of electronic parts at a glance and the item-specific marking allows secure product tracing with tesa® trust & trace. Originals can thus be accurately traced from production to sale to the end consumer and any warranty claim.

tesa® SecuritySealing products are used to protect components against tampering, exchange and theft during dispatch. The sealing labels and adhesive security tapes reliably seal cardboard boxes, packagings and crates against tampering. Evidence of unauthorised access is provided by a permanent optical effect which appears on first opening and remains clearly visible when resealed.

This allows users to see at a glance that their product is genuine, and profit from quality protection. Counterfeit products and grey market goods do not carry such a proof of authenticity, making them unsellable which forces them out of the market. Manufacturers are thus able to protect their brand image, and to compensate for and prevent financial losses. Original parts are optimally protected from production to distribution to any warranty claim.

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