Protecting cosmetics and perfumes from counterfeiters: Reliable product protection is essential to guarantee the harmlessness of high-grade cosmetics.

An increasing number of counterfeit cosmetics and perfumes

More and more counterfeit cosmetic products are being sold. Predominantly produced in Asia, faked cosmetics such as mascara, make-up, luxury perfumes, lipsticks and powders are marketed on a massive scale worldwide. In addition to decorative cosmetics, body care products are also being targeted by counterfeiters. They imitate face creams, anti-wrinkle serums, eye creams, body lotions, body peeling products, sunscreens, shower gels and much more. The inferior cheap imitations are cheap to manufacture and are sold with high profit margins. Consumers often buy counterfeit cosmetics without knowing it, as the genuine product and the counterfeit are often difficult to distinguish.


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Consumers and brand manufacturers are left standing

tesa PrioSpot® - Counterfeit protection for high-quality cosmetics

Counterfeit cosmetics have one thing in common: they do not live up to applicable quality standards, and the desired effect also does not happen. Quite the reverse: they often contain inferior and health hazardous ingredients such as lead or toxic chemicals. The health risk for the consumer is high. In addition, there is the disappointment on the part of the customer if the high-grade and expensive cosmetic product is actually only a cheap copy.

As counterfeits are often unknowingly purchased, the consumers connect their bad experience directly with the brand owner, whose image suffers considerable damage. Direct financial losses are incurred for the manufacturer besides. For one thing, through the counterfeits and grey market products offered: for another, through an increased occurrence of illegitimate guarantee cases.



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Marking genuine cosmetics, protecting customers and winning back sales

Secure sealing of medication packaging through tesa® HighPerSealFX Etiketten

In order to proceed in a cost-efficient and, at the same time, effective way against counterfeit cosmetic products, genuine products and counterfeits have to be distinguishable at first glance. Conventional concealed features such as UV colours do not achieve this. In contrast, with security labels such as, for example, the tesa VeoMark®, genuine cosmetic products are clearly labelled with security features. They thereby get verifiable labels, which designate them as genuine with a unique, clear per piece identity. Each cosmetic product can then be traced back from production through to distribution up to the end customer, with the help of visible evidence. Counterfeits and grey market goods do not bear such proofs of authenticity and can no longer be sold as genuine articles. Various target groups can also check the authenticity of their cosmetic product via the tesa® connect & check online platform and interact with brand owners. This way, customers are protected, the brand image remains unharmed and the number of unjustified guarantee cases sinks.

The tesa® SecuritySealing labels and tapes additionally protect packaged cosmetics from theft, tampering and the replacement of products within the supply chain. If the seal is tampered with or opened, a permanent optical “first opening effect” is shown (VOID effect), which prevents theft through its deterrent effect.

Financial losses for the brand owner are avoided in the long term with the tesa scribos® security technologies. In order to live up to the special design requirements of the cosmetics industry, tesa scribos® security technologies can be customized and adapted so as to be seamlessly included in existing product designs.

Learn more about or security solutions tesa PrioSpot®, tesa VeoMark® and tesa® SecuritySealing as well as about the tesa® connect & check online verification platform.