Consumer electronics

Consumer electronics

Protection for consumer electronics: Consumer electronics is increasingly being counterfeited. tesa scribos® offers reliable protection from counterfeiting, grey market trade and theft.

Counterfeits in consumer electronics

The market for consumer electronics is booming. Unfortunately, this makes the consumer electronics industry especially attractive for counterfeiters. The continuously rising demand is being served by more and more product generations of smartphones, headphones or tablets – that are in turn immediately affected by counterfeits. Through fakes and imitations of genuine products, counterfeiters are getting rich at the expense of brand owners. In this respect, they don’t stop at any product: everything is counterfeited, from smartphones, cameras, tablets, laptops and storage media such as memory cards or USB sticks through to headphones, smart watches and gaming consoles right up to accessories such as charging devices, accumulators, batteries and protective covers.


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High damages for manufacturers and consumers

tesa VeoMark® L - item-unique product markings

Enormous financial damage results for manufacturers of consumer electronics if counterfeit goods are sold instead of their quality products. The security risks are at least as serious for consumers, as fake products are often of worse quality. For example, a counterfeit charger can cause a short circuit and thereby provoke a fire.

Additionally, a consumer has high expectations from brand name products. If the high-quality new headphones turn out to be a cheap counterfeit, the customer will be disappointed. He or she directly connects the bad product quality with the brand itself. Through the customer’s loss of confidence, the brand is damaged for the long term. The initial good image is damaged, and the manufacturer has to struggle with numerous unjustified guarantee cases.

It is essential to counteract this development quickly and efficiently. tesa scribos® is the reliable partner in this respect in everything to do with product and brand protection and offers brand owners individually aligned security concepts.


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Consumer electronics – protecting genuine products

Online authentication with tesa® PrioSpot and tesa® connect & check

The tesa PrioSpot® and tesa VeoMark® data bearing security labels offer reliable protection against counterfeits and grey market trade. Through them, each individual product gets its own identity which designates it as genuine. As a result, consumers, dealers and customs officers can easily and quickly distinguish between the genuine item and the counterfeit. Imitation products do not bear any such labelling and become unsellable. In this respect, the tesa® connect & check online verification system offers support which leads the user through the simple verification process.

Through the individually customized security labels, the entire path of each and every product can be tracked back, from production through to the dealer up to sale to the end consumer. Counterfeits and grey market trade are effectively combatted.

Theft represents another problem within the logistics chain. The void labels and adhesive tapes from the tesa® SecuritySealing product series offer reliable protection from unauthorized accessing. They can also be linked to the tesa® connect & check platform.

Learn more about our security labels, tesa PrioSpot® and tesa VeoMark® and get further information on our tesa® connect & check platform as well as on our tesa® SecuritySealing labels and tapes.