Chemical industry

Chemical industry

Protecting chemicals from counterfeiters: Protection from counterfeiting and retracing for chemical products such as fertilisers, pesticides, lubricating oils or building materials.

Counterfeit chemicals as lucrative business

High profits are achieved by the sale of counterfeit chemicals, so that organized crime is increasingly taking up this business. Counterfeit fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides and herbicides can be found as well as imitated plant protection products and seeds. However, other packaged chemical products, such as building materials, oils and lubricants are also faked. In the case of chemical products, for example those for agriculture or the building industry, it is decisive that exclusively qualitatively high-grade genuine products and no low-grade counterfeits are used. In order to protect people and the environment, legal provisions are in force, the security standards and quality requirements of which counterfeit products do not fulfil.


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A hazard to people, the environment and companies

tesa PrioSpot® for product protection of chemicals

The health risks and dangers that emanate from counterfeit chemicals are serious. Toxic counterfeits of plant protection products and similar substances inflict long-term damage on the environment. The illegal substances reach food via fertilizers and pesticides and thereby directly endanger the health of consumers. This is because with cheap fakes, highly toxic substances are added that are sometimes even carcinogenic. Even low-grade counterfeits of lubricants and oils endanger consumer safety by damaging vehicles and machines. Manufacturers of chemical products invest time and money in the development of harmless chemicals, while counterfeiters get rich at their expense and cause high financial losses. Often the counterfeits are produced in illegal factories in Asia and then dispatched worldwide with false product descriptions.

Complex trade routes make the fight against counterfeit chemical substances more difficult. However, manufacturers can fight back and protect their customers.



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Pushing counterfeit chemical products out of the market

Protection from re-filling and tampering through tesa® SecuritySealing

An individual product identity is the prerequisite for effective protection from counterfeiting. The tesa PrioSpot® and tesa VeoMark® security labels offer item-specific product labels, which clearly designate every single product as genuine. Customers then no longer unknowingly buy counterfeits; unjustified redress claims diminish. Costs are thereby reduced in terms of the manufacturer, and sales are increased. In addition to verification of authenticity, the security labels also enable retracing the goods from production through to the dealer right up to the sale to end customers. Grey market trade is reliably identified, and unauthorized goods are eliminated from the market so that lost sales can be won back.

The refilling of genuine containers is a serious problem. The buyer assumes that they are buying a genuine product, but gets a cheap imitation instead. tesa® SecuritySealing products prevent this. The high-performance sealing labels and tapes provide reliable protection against unauthorized accessing.

Customers can be sure that they are purchasing a qualitatively high-grade genuine product. The number of guarantee cases falls, and the brand image of the manufacturer is protected for the long term.

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