Product protection in the automotive industry

Product protection in the automotive industry

Protect original components against product piracy and grey market trading: The automotive and spare parts industry has been fighting against counterfeit products and grey market trading for many years. tesa scribos® offers reliable protection.

Counterfeit products in the automotive and spare parts markets

The automotive industry is severely affected by the ploys of counterfeiters. Both the market for original automotive components (OEM, Original Equipment Manufacturer) and the free spare parts market (IAM, Independent Aftermarket) are affected by product counterfeiting and grey market trading. The counterfeiters focus especially on small-scale spare parts and automotive components such as piston rings, filters, brake pads, spark plugs, seat belts, hoses and glow plugs. But also products such as windshields, brake disks, windscreen wipers, car batteries as well as oils and lubricants are faked.


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Counterfeits and grey market trading affect manufacturers and customers

The authenticity of components and spare parts is crucial for vehicle safety as counterfeit products do not conform with the applicable quality standards. If a driver, for example, is not able to brake because the counterfeit brake disk is faulty, then this is acutely dangerous. Additionally, there are also serious financial drawbacks. Through trading with counterfeit products and illegal overproduction or grey market trading, manufacturers of original parts are confronted with high financial losses.
The purchasers of fake products suffer as the installed fakes must be replaced after just a short time. For manufacturers, there is also the loss of image which arises when the poor quality spare parts are mistaken for originals.


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tesa PrioSpot® Label-on-Label - Integration in bestehende Etiketten
tesa PrioSpot® - Individuell generierte Codierung für jedes einzelne Produkt

Product protection and traceability of products in the automotive industry

Counterfeit protection with tesa PrioSpot® in combination with MAPP-Code

From retail, through fitting and right up to warranty claims, it is extremely important that original components can be unequivocally distinguished from imitations. The security labels tesa PrioSpot® and tesa VeoMark® each have a unique code and thus give each particular product its own individual identity. Various target groups, from retailers through customs, right up to end customers, can thus reliably check the authenticity of a product. By linking with an online tool such as the tesa® connect & check platformthe security labels are not only ideal for checking product authenticity, but also for the tracing of original parts. The original products are thus protected against counterfeiting and grey market trading.
Ideally, security solutions should be integrated into existing identification system standards. In the automotive supply industry, the MAPP code has established itself, however as it is a printed code, it is still not reliable verification. In order to supplement the identification function of the MAPP code with reliable counterfeit protection, an increasing number of automotive suppliers additionally use a non-reproducible physical security feature from tesa scribos®. This combination of product identity and verification, which is valid in a court of law, creates a high protection barrier against counterfeiters.
The implementation of tesa scribos® security products is, however, very easy: They can be integrated as label-on-label solutions in existing product labels.

In order to prevent unauthorised access to original parts within the logistics chain, tesa® SecuritySealing products are used. The security labels and adhesive security tapes leave behind an irreversible visible marking when items are first opened - the so-called void effect. Hence, the manipulation of transport and product packaging is reliably indicated.

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