Warranty fraud protection

Warranty fraud protection

Warranty fraud protection: Durable product markings from tesa scribos® for proof of authenticity protect brand manufacturers from warranty fraud.

Unlawful guarantee and redress cases are on the rise

Item-specific proofs of authenticity from tesa scribos®

Counterfeits and grey market goods have no claim to guarantees or redress claims. However, if the genuine article and the plagiarism cannot be distinguished, damages arise for both manufacturers and customers, who purchased unauthorised goods unknowingly. The additional guarantee and redress cases have to be processed, products repaired, parts replaced and damages settled in some circumstances. This creates extra unplanned costs. Seen in the long term, guarantee abuse damages the brand image. Because inferior products are linked to the manufacturer and provide for dissatisfaction on the consumer’s part. Valuable brand products and high-grade parts and components are especially affected by guarantee abuse.

In order to refute wrongful guarantee and liability claims and to prevent guarantee fraud, authentic products must be durably recognisable as such. A serial number alone is not sufficient as it can easily be copied and used for guarantee abuse.


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Proof of authenticity against guarantee fraud and unjustified redress claims

Brand protection set with warranty card

Genuine articles have to be clearly distinguishable from counterfeits, even after years of use and heavy stress.

  • The tesa PrioSpot® and tesa VeoMark® physical security features mark genuine articles durably and provide protection from unlawful guarantee claims.
  • The product labels from tesa scribos® are generated using a self-developed patented laser writing process and are non-reproducible.
  • The proofs of authenticity are highly manipulation-resistant because, as a 100% subsidiary of tesa SE tesa scribos® develops optimal adhesives and substrate materials for each product.
  • tesa scribos® offers numerous combinations for all industries, from sew-in labels up to the brand protection set with guarantee card.
  • Product authentication can be linked to customer interaction with the tesa® connect & check online verification platform e.g. through lucky draws or bonus programmes.
  • The labels for each individual product can be used for track & trace genutzt werden.

tesa scribos® product labelling is manipulation-resistant and non-reproducible. It durably shows quality products to be genuine and protects them from unlawful guarantee claims.

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