Prevention of tampering and theft

Prevention of tampering and theft

Preventing unauthorized accessing in the logistics chain: Security labels and tapes from tesa scribos® provide effective protection from theft and tampering.

Theft within the supply chain is on the rise

tesa® SecuritySealing - unerlaubte Zugriffe irreversibel anzeigen

Tampering and theft within the supply chain has developed into a serious problem. For 2015 alone, BSI Supply Chain Services and Solutions estimate the financial loss through cargo theft at 22 billion US dollars worldwide.

One reason for this is the franticly fast shift in the logistics industry. Logistics processes are becoming more complex and making monitoring and safeguarding the logistics chain more difficult. Delivered goods are often not sufficiently protected and thereby exposed to the risk of tampering, replacement of products and theft. Manufacturers of products suffer financial losses on the one hand, also through the high incidence of complaints. On the other hand, the company reputation is enduringly damaged, if goods arrive damaged or not at all or if replaced products are delivered.

On their way from the producer to the end customer via the dealer, brand products have to be protected by secure sealing. tesa scribos® offers customized security concepts for maximum protection against theft, tampering and the replacement of products.


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Safeguarding goods on the delivery route

The VOID effect of the tesa® HighPerSealFX adhesive tape

To guarantee a smooth logistics process, goods have to be protected from unauthorized accessing on their delivery route.

  • tesa® SecuritySealing products prevent theft by immediately and irreversibly indicating unauthorized accessing, through an optical “first opening effect” (VOID effect).
  • tesa scribos® sealing products are resistant against all prevalent tampering techniques and offer reliable protection on the entire delivery route.
  • tesa scribos® customizes the design of the sealing labels and tapes.
  • tesa scribos® offers the optimal adhesive for every requirement, based on the market-leading adhesion technologies of tesa SE.
  • The sealing labels and tapes are custom-made and are exclusively available for brand owners.
  • The number of sealing products delivered is strictly monitored; third parties have no access.


Sealing products from tesa scribos® achieve a transparent logistics chain and efficiently protect individual packaging, bundles and entire transport units from theft and tampering.

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Item-specific tracing and online verification

tesa® HighPerSealFX sealing label with integrated QR code for online authentication

The integrity of product packaging can be checked at any time offline and online through the tesa® HighPerSealFX sealing products.

  • tesa® HighPerSealFX seals allow the integration of item-specific bar codes and QR codes which can be used for secure track and trace.
  • Through connection to the tesa® connect & check verification platform users are informed about the sealing and can check its integrity online.
  • tesa scribos® communication concepts for different target groups (customs, experts, dealers, consumers) inform the entire logistics chain.
  • Through the possibility of verification at every point within the logistics chain with tesa scribos® sealing products, thieves are deterred and the logistics chain safeguarded.

Through the tesa scribos® sealing labels and tapes goods can be backtracked on an item-specific basis and reliably checked at every point within the logistics chain.

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