Grey market protection

Grey market protection

Secure product tracking in the entire logistics chain: Item-specific product labelling with counterfeit protection by tesa scribos® achieves flows of goods with authenticity.

Grey market trade is increasing

Sicheres Track & Trace durch tesa scribos® Technologien

There has been a sharp increase of trade with grey market goods in recent years, as the AGMA (Alliance for Gray Market and Counterfeit Abatement) and KPMG study clearly shows. 90% of the leading technology companies surveyed state that they have been affected by grey market trade.

Here, traders acting illegally importing authentic products from countries with a low price level into those with a far higher price level. They sell the goods there below standard prices with high profit margins. Another problem is overproduction (third shift production). Authorized producers manufacture more products than is allowed by the brand owner and sell these on as authorized genuine products. The breach of contract on the part of dealers and producers leads to price dumping and financial losses for the brand owner. Uninformed consumers sometimes purchase outdated products that do not correspond to the current standards of the manufacturer and incur more guarantee cases.

Labelling equipped with evidence for product tracking is essential to combat grey market trade.


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Identifying and combatting grey market trade

tesa PrioSpot® – Originalprodukte stückindividuell kennzeichnen

Grey market activities cannot be reliably identified through the product ID alone because printed product markings are easy to copy.

  • The logical certitude of the printed encryptions has to be completed by physical security features such as the tesa PrioSpot® and tesa VeoMark® labels.
  • tesa® PrioSpot and tesa® VeoMark replicate the unique product ID at various verification levels. Each product gets a unique identity with validity usable in court.
  • tesa scribos® security solutions can be easily adjusted to existing logistics processes and thereby allow avoidance of input and costs.
  • Relevant target groups for the combatting of grey market trade (customs officers, experts, dealers and consumers) are informed using self developed communication concepts.
  • Linking the tesa® connect & check online verification platform and the tesa® trust & trace track & trace system allows secure authentication and product tracing.

With tesa scribos®, insecure track and trace systems become conclusive tesa® trust & trace technology which effectively combats grey market trade.

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Reliable protection through exclusive availability

tesa scribos® uses an self developed patented inscription process

The tesa scribos® security technologies are not freely available on the market, but only accessible for brand owners.

  • The physical product features tesa PrioSpot® and tesa VeoMark® are individually made to order for brand owners and are exclusively available for them.
  • Through a self developed labelling process, the security labels can only be produced by tesa scribos®. Reproduction is not possible.
  • The delivery of tesa scribos® security labels is strictly controlled in order to exclude illegal overproduction at the production sites of brand owners.

tesa scribos® guarantees unique non-reproducible product labelling through its advance in technology and strict delivery monitoring, thereby offering maximum protection from grey market trade.

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